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Located in United Arab Emirates just north of Dubai, Grace Century FZ LLC is an international private equity and research consultancy that is truly passionate about innovative technologies. Our sectors of interest includes; Alternative Energy, Healthcare, Recycling and Green Technology, Regenerative Medicine, Mobile and Financial Services. At Grace Century, we believe these technology sectors have enormous potential to enhance and improve the quality of life.

In recent years, the business world has witnessed tremendous growth in innovative technology. Most of the truly pioneering projects begin as start-ups that have then developed into innovative technologies with great impact on the quality of life for people worldwide. At Grace Century, our goal is to monitor and identify these groundbreaking ideas at an early age and help to develop them into world-class innovative technologies.

Developing start-up projects into state –of- the- art ventures is what Grace Century does. We not only subject each start-up project into rigorous screening and due diligence processes, but we also assess the management and skill sets involved in such firms as key factors to success. Our primary goal is to identify the best among the many innovative start-up projects within our circles of interest and nurture them into life-changing technologies.

After passing the stringent assessment parameters, Grace Century presents the qualified projects to our international network. The members of this global group are investors and venture capitalists with a keen interest in investment opportunities in the newest technologies and projects. Guided by Grace Century’s specialists, our investor network is receptive to emerging and exceptional innovative technologies.

At Grace Century, our goal is to identify private equity portfolios that not only present an opportunity for a high return on investment, but one that also remarkably changes the quality of life. Our clients are interested in these start-up projects, which have a low risk and high-potential net returns. In order to ensure our investor network can get access to these projects first, Grace Century has strategically partnered with capital firms, fund alliances, universities, and entrepreneurs involved in innovative technologies and related business.

With over 25 years of established global network of financiers and investors, Grace Century has what it takes to develop start-up projects from an early-growth. We are dedicated in identifying extraordinary start-ups projects, a reputation that we have maintained between our start-up project partners and venture-capital firms. Grace Century truly believes in developing and supporting “game-changing” innovations with a potential to add value to the end-user beneficiaries.

Project Sourcing


Healthcare (including cutting edge technologies and processes)

Alternative Energy

Green Technologies (recycling)

IT (Mobile technology and financial services)



Industry sectors are subject to development and changes and our mission at Grace Century is to closely monitor these changes. Our goal is to establish the grounds under which these changes occur, whether it be, technology, legislation, or demographics. We identify start-up innovative projects that are trying to address these changes and subject them to rigorous assessment.

Moreover, at Grace Century we have established a long-term business relationship with global network of venture capital firms, universities, and entrepreneurs. This partnership not only plays the crucial role of supporting our selected portfolio projects, but also presents a real opportunity for transforming start-up innovative technologies into world-class projects. The accepted projects access support in business promotion, marketing and finance consultancy.


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